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In 2020, Atlantic Frenchies began its journey with our first male French Bulldog stud. As we witnessed the beauty of his litter, our passion for the breed grew, leading us to embrace female breeding and raising our own puppies.

Our Frenchies and their litters are an integral part of our home, receiving both affection and guidance for proper behavior. We're committed to ethical breeding practices, emphasizing health, temperament, and structure. We spare no effort in ensuring their well-being and offer standard, exotic, and fluffy Frenchies.

Unlike larger kennels, we cherish our role as a small, in-home family business, dedicated to enhancing the breed. Our expertise comes from comprehensive training in whelping, reproduction, and ultrasound through the Master Breeder Academy in the U.K. We've also completed AKC and CKC modules and continue to learn from experienced mentors across North America.

We're captivated by the unique personalities of Frenchies, which make them the perfect, affectionate, and loving family pets. They deserve your love.

With love,
Atlantic Frenchies


"My boy Moose changed my life. I want everyone to feel this way."

Amanda C.

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