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    CKC Registered Dog 6 Panel Health Tested ENS-Early Neurological Stimulation Up to Date Vaccines Dewormed Microchipped Health Guarantee 6 Weeks of Insurance Well socialized before pick up Puppy Pack Boarding Services Lifetime Support ​ All puppies come from health tested and CKC registered parents. From the moment the puppies come home, the bonding begins. We allow our pups as much time as possible with mom. When they are not bonding with mom they are safely kept in temperature regulating incubator for the healthiest start to life. Along with providing a safe environment we administer plasma to new borns. Plasma has many benefits. For our newborns, it is a natural immune booster, aiding in the first few weeks of life. Plasma contains moms antibodies that provide protection for infections in neonatal puppies. Aside from plasma, probiotics, and other health supplements, we strongly feel that prepping your puppy for their "first times" is just as important. We hope to expose your puppies to as many "new" things as possible. We introduce "100 new experiences" exposing puppies to different noise and sights, different textures, limited different foods...anything to prep them for the real world.
    Crate or Comfortable Spot to Sleep; Knowing they have a spot of their own can often bring them comfort. Most Frenchies will often put themselves for a nap, so having somewhere they know is their special and safe place is helpful….although they tend to sleep just about anywhere. Crate training is something we feel strongly about, it helps set boundaries, helps with potty training, down time for pup, and a safe spot for the dog when he or she is not being monitored. Water and Food bowls; Stainless steel is preferred in our house. It is easy to clean, breeds less bacteria, and helps with tear staining. Harness, Collar and Leash for walking; Frenchies do better with harnesses when going on walks. They are a brachycephalic breed and any pulling on the neck can cause choking or even vomiting. Harnesses provide less strain on the neck, help alleviate pulling, and can help with the control of the dog. Keep in mind having a collar with an ID tag helps locate owners faster should they ever get lost. Although they can be lazy they do need exercise and socialization. Safe Toys and Teething aids; Frenchies love to play, and can entertain themselves often with toys. They also have puppy teeth and will be teething. To avoid damaged furniture or chew marks pick up a few toys or bones at your local pet store. You can ask the clerk to help you in making a decision. When your Frenchie begins chewing something he/she isn't suppose to, you should correct them by giving them the teething toy as reinforcement and a distraction. No dog or puppy should be left unsupervised with toys or bones. Not all bones are safe for dogs, please research prior to giving your dog. Treats; Healthy treats are a good way to start training and establishing trust with your new family member. Plus they will love being rewarded with something yummy. Our favourite treats are usually freeze-dried beef liver. Poop Bags; No one likes when someone doesn’t clean up after their pet. Be responsible and respectful. Basic Grooming Supplies; Shampoo Hair Brush Clippers -regular nail trimming is a must, long nails can actually be painful for your dog or result in tearing and infection. Paw and Nose Balm -paw and nose balm should be applied regularly to avoid dryness and cracking as it is uncomfortable for dogs Ear cleaner -ear cleaner is important for this breed as their ears collect debris being so open to the environment You can always hire a professional groomer (check their reviews), however, you should still have some basic supplies on hand for emergencies. Pet insurance; You never know when a freak accident could happen or something go wrong. There are lots of pet insurance companies around please do your research as to coverage when making your decision as to what is best for you. Nobody ever thinks it will happen to their dog until it does. Patience; Believe me it will not be easy... but it will all be worth it. They will be stubborn… be stubborn back! Training takes time and consistency and if you have both they will learn and obey. BE PERSISTENT. Vet; Most importantly a good vet. One that is like-minded and makes you feel comfortable, but is also familiar and experienced with the breed. You should be able to ask questions and get direct answers. It is not uncommon to have to "look around" when finding the right one for you and your dog.
    I encourage anyone interested in bringing home a French Bulldog to do your research on this breed prior to brining one home. From temperament to health issues. Please purchase knowing what type of dog you will be loving over the years to come. We want all our puppies to go to loving healthy happy homes. They are so deserving of your love. Frenchies do not like being left alone for long periods of time Can you afford regular vet bills, and emergency visits, or operations? Do you have more then 2 hours a day of your time to spend with a dog? Would a dog fit your current lifestyle? Even though Frenchies are small dogs, they do still require exercise and mental stimulation Can you provide a safe environment for your dog? Frenchies are not well suited for extreme temperatures (too hot or too cold). Due to their flat faces, they have a hard time regulating their body temperature. Frenchies are a good size travel dog - however we never recommend flying your Frenchie cargo These are just some of the basics to owning a French Bulldog. I encourage you to Google, or ask other Frenchie owners about their experience as well. It is important to know your breed when choosing the right puppy for your family. We want to provide our puppy families and puppies with a positive experience and lasting bond.
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